Change Is Good

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How Can I Keep Up with Customer Service Trends?

Change Is Good

Do you have a customer service system that you're pleased with? Don't get too comfortable. As your business grows, you will need to adapt the customer service you provide to keep up with your company's and your customers' ever changing needs.

Go to the Polls: From time to time, take your customers' temperature. Find out how they're feeling about the customer service you provide. You may be shocked at the answers you get. You can send out short surveys in the mail or via email to your customers every quarter or year to stay in the know. It's a good way for you to find out:

  • If your customer service is adequate for your customers' needs
  • If your customer service staff is courteous and helpful
  • If your customers have unresolved issues not properly handled
  • If you're behind the times technologically with your customer service
  • If your customers are going elsewhere for better customer service
Go Back to School: Just like everything about business, customer service is being changed constantly by technology. If you only respond to customer requests over the phone, you're out of the loop. Today, companies use email, blogging, and message boards to assist customers with questions and issues. Don't be the last one on the bandwagon.

It'll Cost You: If you refuse to change your customer service strategy, you will pay with the loss of clients and revenues. In your annual budget, include funds to improve and upgrade your customer service department to ensure you keep up with your clients' evolving needs.



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