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Make your opt-in bonus an expression of your brand

Your opt-in gift should express your brand just as much and as well as any other communication piece in your marketing arsenal. It should look like it comes from your business. It should sound like it comes from your business. It should feel like it comes from your business. In every way, it should be consistent with what your brand is all about.


Make your opt-in bonus showcase your expertise

Your free gift for subscribing should illustrate why you are the person to be providing this product or service. Why should a customer buy a widget from you? Why should a client work with you? You are good at what you do, that's why! So show off that expertise in your bonus gift.


Make your opt-in bonus a sample of what you have to offer

Your incentive should provide a mini-experience of your services. It should give the subscriber an idea of what it might be to work with you. And, it should provide this experience in a way that will leave the subscriber wanting more... wanting to work with you.


Make your opt-in bonus attractive, compelling and enticing to your prospects

What answer is your target market searching for that you can provide? What keeps them up at night that you can help put their mind at ease? If your opt-in bonus solves a pressing concern or problem, it will be more enticing to your target market.


List Building Tip: Develop your opt-in presentation strategy.

There are several things you need to do to entice the right people to join your list.

1. You need to create an free gift to offer them.

2. You need to develop a compelling way to present this gift.

3. You need to communicate the benefits of registering for the gift.

Your opt-in bonus will be an answer to your prospect's big question. You need to create eye-catching virtual packing for it and then write copy that will "sell" it.

All this will go into your landing or squeeze page where you present your offer and collect your prospects names and email addresses.

Remember, you want to entice, lure, draw in your ideal prospects. So you need to understand what they will find attractive enough to give you permission to email them. Think like a fisherman and use the right bait, so you'll have list-building success.


List Building Tip: Determine the best way you can answer your ideal prospect's big question.

There may be many possible answers to your ideal client's big question, but the one you want is the one that is uniquely relevant to your business. Your opt-in bonus is a bridge between you and your ideal prospects. It is something that not only attracts them, but also introduces them to what you have to offer.


List Building Tip: Understand your ideal prospect.

What makes your ideal client tick? What keeps him or her up at night? What is the big question he or she is combing the Internet looking for an answer to? You need to know this so you can create the appropriate opt-in bonus and provide the type of content that will keep subscribers on your list.

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