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Improve collaboration with virtual meetings

Have you ever tried to get several people to collaborate on a document? Handing out copies and then reconciling the different versions can be frustrating, as well as time-consuming. With online conferencing, everyone can look at the same document at the same time and pitch in their comments in real time.


Improve communication with virtual meetings

Without having to travel to meetings, attendees will be more likely to be less distracted by travel fatigue and coordinating their trip back home. And, many of the features that are available actually enhance communication more than gathering folks into a room.


Go paperless with virtural meetings

Many interactive web conferencing solutions offer document-sharing features. Therefore, you can share, collaborate and distribute documents without killing one tree or using one drop of ink or toner.


Save money with virtual meetings

By holding virtual meetings you can save on travel and related expenses. No longer do you need to gather everyone into one room to hold a productive meeting or training workshop. Each participant and attend from the comfort of their home or office using nothing more than their Internet-connected computer.

Also, you can decrease operational costs using virtual meetings. Some business video conferencing services will actually save you money on telephone expenses because the audio will be transmitted over the Internet.


Go green with virtual meetings

Because people won't have to consume gas or airplane fuel to get to your meeting, you are conserving energy. On many levels, holding your meetings virtually is a "green" activity.

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