Journaling and the Entrepreneur

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what is tool for getting success?

Journaling and the Entrepreneur

A journal can help you chart your entrepreneurial course. It can help you through choppy waters, as well as calm seas. Use the journal to gather your thoughts. Write down your wildest brain storms. Jot down notes from self-development books. Express your daily gratitude to help you keep moving forward. Use your journal as a store house for ideas you want to remember but can't work on right now. And, every once in awhile got back and find those gems and see how far you've cove on your entrepreneurial journey.



1/13/2010 12:40:13 PM
Debbie Blackmore said:

I am just starting out with a store at a shopping mall where the largest business left one week after I got there...surprise. Traffic is ghostlike and my online business I had before is just about my only business. No customers come from neighboring stores in a curious state, in spite of sales, signs, etc (it's a summer resort town) journal helps through these very choppy waters since the locals are not into my store as much as I hoped (the parking lot USED to be full of locals).


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