Setting a Goal Toward Success

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What sort of goals might a new business owner create to work toward?

Setting a Goal Toward Success

Many new entrepreneurs never get past the planning stages of starting a business. Why? Is it because they lack certain skills that successful entrepreneurs do? Maybe. More than likely though, with all the planning, there was never a clear goal in mind for the entrepreneur to reach. It is easier to get to where you want to be if you know where you are going in the first place. Having clear, defined, “finish line” goals helps you move forward and put your plan into action. Imagine for a moment what your business may actually be like once it's off the ground. What are you doing? What do your products look like? What sort of income are you making? Are you a giant enterprise or a small, yet successful shop owner? Write down your thoughts in a business journal. Make it your goal. Then create action steps on how to achieve to your goals.



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