How Not Listening Might Lose You Employees

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How Can I Better Retain my Staff?

How Not Listening Might Lose You Employees

There's a shift occurring in the workplace. Where Baby Boomers have been willing to work at the same company for 20+ years, Generation X is likely to leave one company for another frequently.

How can you use your entrepreneurial leadership to retain this generation of employees? Business management experts say listening is key.

Today's employees have something to say, and they think leaders should listen. And who knows? You might learn something. These are the people you hired because they were the best at what they do. Surely they have valuable input that can contribute to your company's growth and development.

Don't just listen, act. Simply appearing to listen to an employee's thoughts isn't enough. By implementing policies and procedures based on your employees' ideas, you help make them a part of the company's operations, which goes a long way to making your employees feel valued.

When involved in a conversation with an employee, listen fully. Take off your headset, turn off the phone, and don't multitask. Devote yourself to the conversation, and your employee will appreciate your time. Maintain eye contact throughout the conversation, and engage your employee with questions in response to what he or she is telling you. Take notes if necessary.

When an employee has a good idea, share it with your team. Commendations are always in order, and can make an employee feel like a respected part of your staff.



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