Train Your Sales Force To Sell

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How Can I Help My Sales Team Sell More?

Train Your Sales Force To Sell

Without a qualified staff of salespeople, you will not be able to generate the sales you want and need for your business. Take these simple steps to ensure that your sales force is educated and trained on what sells.

  • Educate. Without education on your product line, how can you expect your sales staff to know enough about your products to sell them? Dedicate several weeks on a new hire, and at least a day or two each year for every employee, training your salespeople on what your products are, what the features are, and how they can help your customers. Also be sure to train them in how to sell effectively. Provide training manuals they can refer to whenever they need.
  • Question. Make sure your sales staff asks potential customers the right questions. Simply asking if someone is interested in your product isn't going to make a sale. Instead, focus on asking questions about the problems a potential client has that your product can fulfill. Ask questions to get “yes,” not “no.”
  • Objectives. Your sales force should have an objective with each call they make, whether that's getting an appointment or closing the sale.
  • Commit. Your sales staff should ask for a commitment from each person who shows interest in your product.



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