Your Sales Secret: A Dazzling (and Workable) Website

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How Can I Improve My Website to Generate Sales?

Your Sales Secret: A Dazzling (and Workable) Website

If you do business online, your website is your storefront. You would clean up any trash or clutter in a brick-and-mortar store, so shouldn't you do your best to ensure your web store is clean, dazzling and easy to navigate?

One-Size-Fits-All Solutions
Many entrepreneurs, determined to save a dime, use one-size-fits-all template solutions for their websites. While templates themselves aren't a bad thing, using an unprofessional design can make your business come off as amateur and unbusinesslike.

Just like anything you want to succeed, your website should be given the attention it deserves. Hire a professional to custom tailor a site that fits your needs. An expert web designer will be able to accommodate you if you need:

  • Merchant services (checkout, shopping cart)
  • Database management
  • Login capabilities
  • Video/Audio
  • Photos
If you try to do the design yourself, well, you get what you pay for. Let the professionals handle the job.

Looks are Everything
Despite what they say, looks matter when it comes to your website. A sleek, simple website will get the buyer 9 times out of 10 over a cluttered page with flashing animation and too much text.

Look at websites you like and model yours after them. Keep it simple; less text is better than bombarding your reader with too much!



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