Do I Need a Professional Press Release Writer?

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Do I Need a Professional Press Release Writer?

Do I Need a Professional Press Release Writer?

Unless you're a writer yourself, and know the press release writing style, the answer is yes, you do need a professional press release writer.

While writing a press release seems simple enough, a professional can ensure your release is distributed to major news sources like MSN, Google, and Yahoo. A professional writer can also provide search engine optimization of your release using keywords.

Your options for working with a press release writer include hiring a consultant or freelance writer, or hiring someone in-house to do the work.

If your business puts out many press releases each week or month,
you may be able to work with a freelance writer that can offer the
availability you need to put releases out on a short notice. You may be better off hiring an employee that can write and distribute press releases as part of his duties at your company.

A press release written by a professional and distributed through
major media networks will cost anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on where you want it distributed. Local or metro distribution is the most affordable option, and is a good choice if your company works primarily in the local area. However, if you work with clients all over the country or world, a national or international release may be the only way to make the kind of splash you need.



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