You Can't Afford NOT to Advertise!

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What Do I Do If I Don't Have Money to Advertise?

You Can't Afford NOT to Advertise!

You're a small business owner. You know you need to advertise to make money, but you don't have the capital. Unfortunately, many small businesses will fail because they didn't advertise. What's a poor entrepreneur to do?

Take Risks
You wouldn't be in business if you weren't willing to take risks. You may have taken out a second mortgage on your home, raided the nest egg, or scrimped and saved to start your business. All of that is a complete waste if you do not advertise.

If no one knows about your business, no one will visit your store or website. If no one visits, no one buys. If no one buys, you're out of business. It's up to you to make sure your company name is known.

You Have a Plan, Right?
Before you started your business, you made a business plan and budget, right?? If you haven't done this, stop reading and go write one immediately.

Build your marketing and advertising expenses into your monthly budget, along with electricity, web hosting, inventory, etc. Designate a percentage of your anticipated monthly sales for advertising. It doesn't have to be a lot. Maybe just 10%.

All Advertising is Not Created Equal
Don't waste your money on advertising that's not right for your type of business. If you run a web radio station, brochures and flyers are a waste of time, because your audience is worldwide. If you run a doggy bakery in Sacramento, nationwide web advertising may not be for you. Think about who your customers are, then research advertising options.



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