Using Marketing to be Different from Your Competitors

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How can I use marketing to be different from my competitors?

Using Marketing to be Different from Your Competitors

Are you advertising to match your competitors' ads? Then stop! Offering the same thing over and over again usually results in little or no sales at all. Instead of telling the consumer about "you" try showing your consumer instead. For example, you're selling search engine optimization services to your consumer, but you are finding out that your current method of advertising is not paying off very well. Show the consumer that you know what you're doing by giving him/her free information. Write articles related to the type of service you're selling. Post these articles on your Web site and in your newsletter. You can also write a short e-book related to search engine optimization, and give it to the consumer for free. Using marketing by giving away information earns the consumer's trust. So instead of creating an advertisement that asks the consumer to contact you for more information, create the advertisement that tells them how to get your free information. Later (about a week), follow-up with the consumer and tell them more about your services.



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