Great Business Plan = Winning Over Investors

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Should I present a marketing plan to a potential investor?

Great Business Plan = Winning Over Investors

How much time did you invest in your business plan? Your idea may be wonderful but how you say it may not come across as well as you think. Find a business plan writer to edit your plan, so your ideas come across clear and strong.

Think your business plan will result in a return on your investment in a few short years? Your three to five year financial projections should include your idea of how soon a return can be expected by investors.

Also, don't forget to include a fair evaluation of the competition. Knowing your competition proves you know your business.



8/10/2007 10:28:01 AM
Denis S said:

EXCELLENT TIP ... if you have done the research adequately, you know your competition front and back. That knowledge fosters a fantastic sense of confidence to march forward.


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