Let Them Hear Your Brand

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Let Them Hear Your Brand

One way to set your brand apart from others is to have a signature vocalization or musical ditty that is associated with it. Think the T-Mobile tones or the yodeling "yahoo!" for Yahoo! You can use this audio cue in many ways:

If you use teleseminars and other audio products in your business, get a signature tune and place it at the beginning and end of all your recorded audio.

Develop a signature sound bite and use it whenever you have a speaking opportunity. Maybe it’s a way of communicating your core concept, or a catch phrase.

Audio cues can be:

  • music

  • tone combinations

  • a way of talking – accent, word choice, tone, pitch or rhythm

  • a catch phrase

Be creative. An audio cue that communicates your brand doesn’t have to be fancy … just consistent. The audio cue basically tells the listener in an instant that this belongs to this particular brand.



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