Let Them See Your Brand

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Let Them See Your Brand

When creating your brand, you’ll want to incorporate some visual cues that will help prospects and clients identify when something comes from you. Visual cue decisions you can make include:

  • What will your color palette be?

    What colors will all you websites, brochures, signs, etc. always use?

  • What font or fonts will you always use?

    You don’t want to use more than two or three fonts, and ideally you’ll want one that is a serif font (with curls, like Times Roman) and one non-serif font (without curls, like Arial).

  • What kinds of imagery will you use?

    Some brands always use a particular style of illustration — think the Charmin bears. Others always use a color tone to their images — think a corporate blue tone to all photos.

Choose carefully and then stick to your decisions. Monitor the look and feel of all the things you do and keep the motif running through.



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