Timelines for Committees

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Timelines for Committees

As each separate committee is formed you'll want to create or export from your master timeline a timeline for committees, including due dates. Each committee needs its own timeline versus trying to filter out from a huge timeline what pertains directly to them.

Hand out a copy of this timeline at the first meeting and take the time to go over it with each committee. Ask if there are any questions and as things are discussed, you may need to amend some items slightly. Once a final timeline has been discussed and agreed upon, encourage all committee members to put the timeline on their electronic planning software so items will pop up with reminders or show on their calendar.

Don't forget to include on the timeline post-event items you'll need your volunteers time commitment to, including sending thank you's to donors or sponsors, coordinating post-event publicity including newspaper and magazine articles, big thank you billboards, and any post-event events such as a thank you luncheon with event slide show.



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