Open Your Eyes: Business Opportunities Abound

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Where Can I Find Good Business Opportunities?

Open Your Eyes: Business Opportunities Abound

Once you realize you are an entrepreneur, the world looks different. What used to be everyday tasks like going to the gym or talking to a neighbor now become potential business opportunities. Make the most of every day so you don't miss any prospects.

Consider Your Contacts: Think about all the people you know. Make a list of everyone you interact with, even on a casual basis, at your child's school, your church, the grocery store, gym, neighborhood. You may be surprised with how many people you come into contact with on a weekly basis.

Out of your list, highlight the ones you would feel comfortable discussing your business with. It may not be appropriate to bring up to each of your contacts, but you should have the majority of your list highlighted as good contacts.

Plan Your Approach
Because these are people who are comfortable with you, it should be easy to talk about your business. However, you want to keep them being comfortable, so you don't want to run them off by seeming too salesperson-y! Plan a casual mention of your business, such as, “Did I tell you I started my own dog grooming/consulting/paint store company?”

This will likely stimulate some interest and conversation. Keep it casual, and end the topic by saying, “If you know anyone who might need dog grooming/consulting/paint, please let me know!” This keeps the pressure off the person you're speaking with, and it tells them that if they are interested, they are welcome to talk to you about your business as well.

Follow Up
If you have a grand opening or promotion, mention it (or send an invitation or mailer) to your contact at a later date. You'll start seeing those familiar faces at your business before you know it!



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