Be a Face (or Voice) with a Name

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How Can I Personalize my Customer Service?

Be a Face (or Voice) with a Name

Depending on what type of business you run, your customers may not ever see or hear from you. You may be just a series of emails or letters. You will never form a real bond with your customers through email.

Show your clients you care by calling them just to check on an order, or stop by their office, if you live locally. By you taking time to speak with them, your clients feel important. And clients who feel important keep buying from you!

Solving Problems Before They Begin: Keeping in constant contact with your customers means you'll know about problems before they hit. Say for instance, you have a large customer who buys hundreds of takeout boxes from your company each month. When you stop by for your bi-weekly visit, you find out an order is a few days late, and the customer is getting frantic.

While that client may not have had time to call you to tell you the situation, by your being there, you can fix the situation immediately and avoid having an unhappy customer turn to your competitors.

Get Valuable Feedback: Another benefit to interacting on a personal level with your customers is that you can get their feedback on your products and services. Customer input is the best way to improve your processes, and will bring you more sales!



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