Survey Says…

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How Can Surveys Improve my Customer Service?

Survey Says…

You're not a mind reader, so how are you supposed to know what your customers want? How can you know if a product is going to be a hit before spending thousands of dollars?

Surveys. Surveys are a great way to test your market without laying out all your cash. You can gauge the reaction of your audience using one of several survey methods.

  • Online Surveys: You've likely seen websites that promise to pay you for taking surveys. Now that you're on the other side of this equation, online survey companies make it effortless for you to find out what your customers are thinking. Participants that fit your demographic are asked questions on your prototype, and are required to analyze a product's design, description, and value, among other factors. These are quick and easy, and can let you decide whether you need to change your product plan, trash it completely, or stay on track.
  • In Person Evaluation: Major cities have testing centers where participants come in for a discussion panel or to try a product. They may be required to smell, taste, or use your product, depending on what it is. They give feedback that you can use to improve your product.
  • In Person Quick Survey: Surveyors usually work in areas of high foot traffic, like a mall. They ask random passers by to answer a few short questions, sometimes in return for a gift or compensation. The advantage of this method is that participants are off-guard and are likely to give the most honest answers.



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