One in a Million or One-on-One?

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How Can I Provide One-on-One Customer Service?

One in a Million or One-on-One?

Every one of us has interacted with customer service representatives, and the experiences aren't always pleasant. Likely if you call an 800 number, you get a different operator each call. Customers hate this! They have to start over telling their story every time, only to get the same nonresponsive result. Here's how you can impress your customers with better service and increase your sales as a result.

Customer Service Relationships: Back in the middle ages, customer service was supposed to be about the customer! Since then it's become a major annoyance for businesses. By getting back to the customer, you are effectively improving your business.

Consider assigning a customer service rep for each customer. Every time they need assistance, they call their rep directly. This rep knows the customer's history, and can easily jump into a situation to assist.

By offering individual attention, you assure your clients that their satisfaction is your number one priority. That alone is enough to steal business from competitors!

But What Will It Cost? It may seem like a costly solution, but it's not. Say you currently have 100 customer service reps answering phone calls on a first come, first served basis, and you get 1000 calls a day. If you reorganize the structure, each rep will handle approximately 10 calls, depending on which of their assigned customers call. You don't need to hire more reps!



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