Building Customer Relationships

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How Can I Get My Clerks to Provide Better Customer Service?

Building Customer Relationships

Anyone can make a sale, but how many people can get a customer to come back to buy again? And again, and again? By truly playing the part and providing top-notch customer service, you will build relationships with customers that will grow into repeat sales!

What's Behind the Smile? In retail or other storefront sales, you need more than just a pretty face. Are your sales clerks genuine? Do they really care whether the customer buys something or not?

Your clerks should learn to build relationships with clients and do more than just ask, “Can I help you find anything?” Your clerks are your front line, and they need to make customers feel at ease.

In training your clerks, teach them to make customers comfortable by:

  • Complimenting hair/outfit/jewelry of customer
  • Making general conversation about weather/news/etc.
  • Offer customers bottled water or snack
  • Offer to store customers' bags while they shop
  • Help customer shop ONLY if they ask
  • Back off and let them browse
These small touches are enough to make customers feel appreciated without your clerks being overbearing. Nobody likes a nosy sales clerk!

After the Sale: The relationship is far from over once a sale is made. Keep a database of your customers' contact info and have your clerks call them when an item of interest comes in. This specialized treatment will go a long way and keep customers coming back for the great customer service your business supplies!



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