5 Tips to Improving Customer Service

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How Can I Improve My Company's Customer Service?

5 Tips to Improving Customer Service

  1. Be a Good Samaritan: Be helpful to customers, even if it doesn't generate an instant sale. Help your customer with a problem or question, even if it doesn't even pertain to your business! You can bet this will impress the customer, and that they'll be back to bring you business.
  2. Listen to Your Customers: When you're working with a customer, give them your undivided attention. Focus on what they're saying, and don't add your own interpretation. If they tell you they're looking for purple alligator leather pumps, don't bring them a sneaker!
  3. Go the Extra Mile: You may have had the worst day ever, but that's no excuse to give poor customer service. If a customer asks where an item is, don't just point them in the right direction; walk them there!
  4. Give a Little Something: Occasionally, give a pleasant customer (or unpleasant one) a discount or added bonus with their purchase. You'll get not only a smile but also repeat business!
  5. Exceed Your Promises: First of all, never make promises you can't keep. But go one step further and exceed expectations. If you promise to deliver a product by 5 pm, get there by 11 am if you can!



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