Your Best Ammunition: A Happy Customer

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How Can I Leverage My Best Customers?

Your Best Ammunition: A Happy Customer

A happy customer is a customer that will bring more business to you. Take advantage of strong relationships with your satisfied clients to expand your business and get free advertising.

This is My Testimonial: There's no better form of advertising than a testimonial from a client that is pleased with your service or product. Ask some of your top customers to write a brief letter outlining what their experience with your company has been, as well as a glowing recommendation !

Use these testimonials on your company website, in newsletters, in advertisements, and even in the store (maybe framed on the wall) to let others see what great services you provide.

Word of Mouth: If you're good enough, you won't even have to spend money on advertising. Your customers will do it for you. Word of mouth is the best way to get qualified new clients. After all, they were referred by a satisfied customer!

Ask your customers to pass out your business card or flyer to anyone who might need your service or product. You can even offer a discount for every customer they refer! This is a great motivator for your clients, and the new sales will more than pay for the discount you give the original clients!

Don't be shy to ask for referrals or testimonials. Your clients will be happy to spread the word about your business, and you deserve the exposure!



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