Elements of a Marketing Plan

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What Goes into a Marketing Plan?

Elements of a Marketing Plan

When developing a comprehensive marketing plan, there are certain common elements you should look at including.

* Purpose/Goal/Mission: What result to you want your marketing plan to achieve? Be specific. Do you have a sales goal? A prospecting goal? Get your numbers written down.

* Target Market: What is your niche? Again, be specific ... you may sell to people outside this target, buy your marketing message will be talking to a specific segment. Who are they?

* Products/Services: What product or service are you focusing on for this plan. It is better to have marketing plans focused on a single product line or you may get your messages confused.

* Market Analysis: What are the market trends related to your product or service? What is the competition doing? In comparison, what are your product's strengths and weaknesses?

* Strategy: What is your over all game plan for promoting your product or service?

* Tactics: What specific marketing method will support your strategy?

* Budget: How much money to you have to work your plan and how will your allocate the funds?



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