Business Plans: Reasons To DIY

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Should I Write my Own Plan or Hire a Consultant?

Business Plans: Reasons To DIY

Whether you are seeking outside funding or not, you need a business plan. But the question is, should you write it yourself or hire a consultant to help you with it. Here are some reasons you should do it yourself.

* You know your business better than anyone else. This is your baby and you are the best person so to describe your vision for it's future.

* You are creating the plan for internal use only, not to seek outside funding. A business plan isn't rocket science, especially if you're writing it for your own purpose.

* You are just starting out and don't have the funds to hire a consultant. Using templates or software, you can do this by yourself ... at least enough to get your business started on the right track.

* You are good at following templates -- there are plenty available for DIY-ers. There are dozens of free and cheap marketing and business plan templates available online, and you can easily plug in your own information in to get a satisfactory plan.



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