Naming Your Baby: First Step of Marketing

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How Do I Pick My Company's Name?

Naming Your Baby: First Step of Marketing

You may consider only your advertising efforts to do the heavy marketing for your company. But your company name has just as much clout when drawing in new business. Think about businesses you have worked with or purchased from. Can you remember the names? If so, there was thought put into naming those companies.

Here are some tips to help you in the brainstorming phase of naming your business.

Get relevant. Your company name should infer what you do. If you're a dry cleaning store, Dian's Dry Cleaning gets the point across better than just Dian's. You don't have to be so obvious, but it should be clear what your business does.

Get creative. This is a name you're going to be stuck with for a while, so choose a good one. If suitable, pick a fun name that will generate a buzz and get people asking you questions about your company name. People will remember Egg Marketing over SNR Marketing Agency because it's fun and creates an image in people's minds.

Get specific. If your company is an LLC or is incorporated, decide if you want to include that title in the company name and logo. You can leave it off if it doesn't go with the rest of the name. However, you may like the official ring it gives your company name.

Once you have a few candidates for names, try them on friends, family and customers. Ask what associations your audience has with each name. If there are any negative connotations, toss it and move on. See which names are more memorable and which make the audience feel like learning more about the company.



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