"Lumpy" Mail Gets Attention

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How Can I Make My Business Stand Out with Marketing?

"Lumpy" Mail Gets Attention

It's a busy and message-crowded world. In marketing your company, you have to come up with attention-grabbing ideas that will get your target market to notice you above the fracas. Here's an idea to get you brainstorming.

More Than Direct Mail

Everyone gets junk mail -- ahem -- direct mail every day. How often do we really read the postcard or letter from a business? Not often. But don’t give up on direct mail. What about sending a small gift to potential customers that includes a small note or letter promoting your company? If you have a targeted group of potential clients, you could send:

* Flowers

* A Gift basket

* A branded pen or notepad

* An office toy

* A branded, but fun, T-shirt

* A coupon

You’re more likely to get feedback if the mail makes the recipient stop and pay attention. These are called "lumpy" mail and due to natural human curiosity, lumpy mail tends to get opened.



2/17/2007 4:35:56 PM
Flora Morris Brown said:

Two more things must be considered when using gifts to market your business.

1. Make the gift low-cost rather than luxurious. A showy, expensive gift may have turn the prospective off instead of encourage them to do business with you.

2. Make the gift fit the recipient's interests, hobbies or career. This will capture attention and show that you do your research.


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