Promotion is Material for Your Business

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How Do I Get Great Flyers and Brochures?

Promotion is Material for Your Business

Do you have promotional material for your company? A brochure? Flyer? These are great resources in that they quickly tell a potential customer everything he needs to know about your company, and helps him instantly make a decision as to whether or not he is interested in your products or services.

That very instant quality of marketing collateral can be your downfall if you're not careful. If you don't properly highlight what makes your business great, then it will be a big waste of resources.

What's So Great About Your Company?
Make a list of wonderful qualities about your company. You can include:

  • Product Specs
  • Awards Won
  • How Much Lower Your Prices are Than Competitors'
  • Service Benefits
Choose the ones you really want to focus on for your brochure, flyer or postcard. Word them in an appealing way (or have a professional writer do it).

Tie It All Together
Design (or have a designer create) marketing material that includes professional graphics that reflect what you do. There are great templates available online that let you customize beautiful designs. Tie in your marketing copy and make sure everything flows together.

Don't forget to spellcheck!

Professional Printing
Don't get this far and then print the brochures on your inkjet! Send the files to a professional printer or copy shop to make high-quality copies with vibrant colors and a smooth finish on premium paper.



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