Make Your Website Work for You

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How Can I Get Traffic on my Website?

Make Your Website Work for You

Does your website stand out? Does it make visitors stay to learn more about what you do? Does your site generate business?

If the answer to these questions is no, listen up. Your website is one of the most important marketing tools you have. You have to make sure your site is well designed and searchable.

Hire a Professional
Chances are, you are not a web designer. So why would you try to design your own site? Hiring a professional designer will ensure you get a top-quality website that will impress visitors constantly.

A professional will have great style and know techniques to maximize your website's look. Usually a designer will present you with two or three different design options to choose from.

Optimize Your Searching
You've probably heard of Search Engine Optimization, but what is it?? It makes sure people can find your website when they don't even know it exists. SEO works with keywords. When someone searches for “Houston dog kennels,” your kennel site will appear, if you're using SEO.

Your designer should know how to effectively use SEO to increase traffic on your site. Ask what kind of traffic he's generated for other websites to get a feel for what he can do for your site.

Jump on the Bandwagon
Search engines don't automatically know you're out there. On Google and Yahoo!, you can submit your link into the database of websites so that everyone can find you. Look on these websites for instructions on how to get listed.

Additionally, Google offers a local business tool, where your business can appear on a map. If someone searches for bookstores in the Orlando area, you can get your website for Brenda's Books to appear!



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