Chair/Multi-Committee Event

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Chair/Multi-Committee Event

Another way of organizing an event type is to recruit one central chair to oversee everything. And then there are many different committees tasked with different functions.

Unlike the multi-level event, where each volunteer is essentially performing the same function (recruiting, confirming and encouraging the front-line fundraisers), here different committees are tasked with completely different functions. For example, maybe one committee is charged with handling the auctions, both silent and live. Maybe another committee is charged with getting sponsorships for the event. Maybe another committee is charged with handling the program - getting everything in, proofing, and printing.

In this instance, instead of the committee recruiting another level or the front-line volunteers to do the fundraising, the committee is handling the fundraising and breaking up that task amongst all the committee members. For example, if you have someone who doesn't mind at all asking for donations place them on your auction committee. If you have someone who's very comfortable asking for money, put them on the sponsorship committee. If you have people who do not like asking others for either of the above, put them on the logistics or PR committees! They can handle putting corsages on all committee members and the chairs the night of the event, showing emcees or celebrity figures where to go the night of the event, or write press releases and fax these to the local media and make follow-up calls to see who is attending and covering the event.

An example of an event following this structure would be a special evening event, such as a Gala where people from the general public or sponsors have purchased tickets to get in the door to this exclusive evening, and then there are food, drinks, usually entertainment, perhaps a celebrity or spokesperson for the cause, and a silent and live auction. Sometimes there is even a dance component with the band to cap off the evening.



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