Multi-level Events

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Multi-level Events

Now that everyone has agreed upon very specific primary and secondary goals, it is imperative to consider these goals as you determine what type of event you want to implement/coordinate. There are several different event types, but let's focus on the two most common.

Multi-level event. This is the type of event where you (or possibly someone else, or someone in addition to you) recruit a board or committee of volunteers. Then your board, or committee, recruit another "level" of volunteers and you have multiple levels of people recruiting others.

When I worked for the American Heart Association, they put on events called "Cardiac Arrests," or basically the 'jail and bail' type event. I would go into a community, and recruit a committee. Let's say Cindy, Jean, and Adam are on my committee. Then I put them in charge of making a list of people they know who might be interested in helping to raise money to support the AHA's fight against heart disease and stroke.

The committee gives me their list of 'potential arrestees' -- people who would jokingly volunteer to be 'arrested' on behalf of the Heart Association. The Heart Association's central office would send out a form letter to them (see the communications section of this book for sample phrases to put in such a letter) asking them to be an arrestee, and raise 'bail money.' They would show up at the event with their bail money, go 'behind bars,' have their photo taken with a Polaroid camera so they had a souvenir, and then get a t-shirt, usually donated food like a luncheon, and it was a social event with others from the community covered by media.

The multi-level event is one option you have when looking at what type of fundraiser to implement. In this type of event, a committee is recruited who recruits other people to carry out other tasks as it relates to fundraising.

In an event of this type, the primary source of revenue would come from the front line participants in the event. In this instance, the revenue for the American Heart Association is coming from the 'arrestees,' not the board who recruited them. The board who recruited them does nothing but follow-up with the arrestees, confirm them, and encourage them in their fundraising. They may donate to them to get them to be an arrestee, but they are not the ones going around asking for the donations.

Find people who seem to know everyone to be at this position in your event, not necessarily those who aren't shy asking for money!!

A secondary potential source of revenue in this event could be sponsorships if you can find and solidify local sponsors for the actual Cardiac Arrest event itself.



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