Identification and Organization of Goals

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Identification and Organization of Goals

As you begin thinking about your fundraiser event, you'll realize you have more than just one goal.

Make a list of all your goals for the event. Keep this realistic. One event at one school or one hospital in a rural area likely isn't going to have far-reaching impact across the country. But you could do a lot with a little or go really far in that one community.

As all the possible event goals are identified, it's then exceedingly important to order these according to already existing or agreed upon priorities. This sounds simple and easy to skip over, however taking time up-front to discuss and decide will ward off disagreements later. Have you ever seen different camps being set-up and people pulling in different directions because nothing was discussed initially?

Let's establish the meaning of the word "volunteer" right now. defines a volunteer as follows: a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

Let's re-read that! A person who performs a service willingly, and WITHOUT PAY! So do volunteers ever quit? Do volunteers get upset when they don't get their way and decide to pull out of a project because they aren't being paid anyway but rather giving freely of their time?

ABSOLUTELY! We'll talk more about this in the section on "Volunteer Management!"

Do yourself and all those around you a big favor and discuss and decide immediately your:

  • Primary Event Goal (for example raising $x in revenue) and,
  • Secondary Event Goals
Then when disputes arise everyone can be reminded of what's most important surrounding this particular event, and what is really just, bonus!



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