Make it clear and memorable

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How do I build a brand?

Make it clear and memorable

What brands can you name without thinking about it? I'm willing to bet those brands had simple, easy-to-remember logos or jingles. Something like the "golden arches" of McDonald's or the red target of Target.

The key to making a brand memorable is to make it simple, clear and to-the-point. In a way, brands are archetypal, they speak to a basic core understanding within human nature.

Your brand should be what your business is all about boiled down to its most basic elements.

For example, Target's logo is red, so they've made all their branding communications red. You probably even recognize a commercial as being from Target before you even see the logo because of that basic element: red.

Another example is Nike. Their logo ... a simplified, softened and stylized check mark ... is so well known they don't even need to tie to their name, tag line or color anymore. And yet, that symbol still seems to communicate what Nike is all about.

What are the core elements of your business? Can you boil them down to a symbol, color or musical combination?



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