Entrepreneur Frequently Asked Questions

What steps may a company take to establish a brand?

Should a new company register their brand logo?

How can a company exrpess the brand image in a radio commercial?

How big should a logo on a letterhead be?

What helps to build brand loyalty?

How does customer service help develop your brand?

What would be an example of a brand value?

Where do you find investors?

Will venture capitalists fund a new business based only on the business plan presented?

Where can I find venture capitalists?

How do you show proof of paying customers in your business plans?

Should I present a marketing plan to a potential investor?

What if you are uncomfortable with a potential investment offer?

Should a new company invest in a business plan writer?

Should I delegate jobs to other companies?

How would I find someone to trust to take care of my accounting?

What would be an example of a liability?

What is an example of an asset?

Now narrow should a marketing niche be? Is it okay to stretch out to new markets?

Can I find more money for my growing business quickly?

Is it better to expand a new store or expand the store that is already there?

What are some ways a company can automate the sales process?

What would be an example of a company goal?

How might a business owner find a creative way to develop a product?

When should you delegate a job to someone else?

What sort of goals might a new business owner create to work toward?

How do you keep yourself determined when things are going slow for your business?

How can a company stay innovative?

In what ways could an entrepreneur ruin a company?

How do I creating winning sales copy?

How can I keep my customers coming back for more?

How can I start winning sales by being loyal?

How can I tell my client "thank you?"

My employees don't seem to be winning sales, how can I change this?

How do I build a friendship with my customer?

Do you have any advice for winning sales?

How can I use marketing during my leisure time?

How can I sell market my business on the World Wide Web for free?

What are some way I can market my business?

How can I use marketing to be different from my competitors?

What is a good technique to use when selling on the Internet?

How can I use my blog to sell my business?

How can I make my pay-per-click campaign effective?

what is success?

How do I build a brand?

what is tool for getting success?

how do successful people talk?

What is an attitude for success?

How do I get customers with a sales letter?

How to cut marketing costs?

Are Affiliate programs any good?

How much commision should my agents expect?

Are bolgs useful?

How do I beat competition?

How should I price my product?

Is direct mail useful?

How do I present direct mail?

How can I grow my business?

How can I use technology to promote my business?

How can I promote my business for free?

How Can I Get Traffic on my Website?

How Do I Get Great Flyers and Brochures?

Why Do I Need a Logo?

What Should My Business Card Contain?

What's a Media Kit?

How Can I Get Free Publicity?

How Can I Make My Business Stand Out with Marketing?

What Do I Do If I Don't Have Money to Advertise?

How Can I Become a Known Expert in My Field?

How Can I Use Technology to Market My Company?

How Can I Promote My Company With Press Releases?

How Do I Create a Marketing Plan?

How Do I Effectively Use Promotional Products?

How Do I Pick My Company's Name?

How Can I Get Closer to My Clients?

How Can I Perform a Market Analysis?

How Can I Find a Qualified Business Plan Consultant?

What Pitfalls Can I Avoid with my Business Plan?

Should I Write my Own Plan or Hire a Consultant?

Why Do I Need a Marketing Plan? I'm Too Small.

How Do I Figure Out my Objective?

When Should I Update my Plan?

What Goes Into a Business Plan?

Why Do I Need a Plan?

What Kinds of Business Plans are There?

What Do I Do About My Company's Weaknesses?

Do I Need a Marketing AND Business Plan?

What Goes into a Marketing Plan?

What is the Design and Development Plan?

What is the Operations and Management Plan?

How Can I Leverage My Best Customers?

How Can I Find My Niche in Customer Service?

How Can I Improve My Company's Customer Service?

How Can I Get My Clerks to Provide Better Customer Service?

Should I Outsource My Customer Service Department?

How Can I Hire the Right Sales Clerks?

How Do I Handle Customer Complaints?

How Can I Provide One-on-One Customer Service?

How Can Surveys Improve my Customer Service?

How Can I Personalize my Customer Service?

How Can I Add a Personal Touch to an Order?

How Can I Make Customers Feel Extra Special?

How Can I Offer a Positive Customer Service Phone Experience?

How Can I Keep Up with Customer Service Trends?

How Can I Implement Technology in my Customer Service?

How Can I Network if I Have no Time?

How Can Use Networking to Get Sales NOW?

How Can I Network Online?

How Can I Network at Seminars?

How Should I NOT Network?

What Kind of Contacts Do I Need?

How Can I Network - I'm Shy!

What's a Good Networking Icebreaker?

How Can I Make Time for Networking in my Busy Schedule?

What Makes a Great Introduction?

How Can I Keep in Touch with my Contacts?

How Can I Make Sales on a Shoestring Budget?

What is a Networking Event Like?

How Can I Use Volunteering to Network?

What Will a Display Do for my Business?

How Can I Get Free Advertising?

What is a Press Release and How Can I Use Them to Grow my Business?

Do I Need a Professional Press Release Writer?

How Can I Get my Audience's Attention?

What Do I Need to Put in a Press Release?

What is SEO and What Does It Have to do With My Press Release?

How Can I Get the Attention of Editors with my Release?

What Should I NOT Do in Writing for my Business?

How Can I Use Blogs for My Business?

How Can I Use Podcasts?

How Can I Use a Newsletter to Promote my Company?

How Can I Write an E-Book?

What is RSS?

How Can I Improve my Phone Etiquette?

What Can I Do to be More Professional in Meetings?

How Can I Improve My Website to Generate Sales?

How Can I Sell More of my High End Products?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

How Can I Help My Sales Team Sell More?

How Can I Make my Product Stand Out?

What Can I Do When Sales are Slow?

How Can I Get Repeat Customers?

What Can I Do to Improve my Marketing Collateral?

What Are Some Ideas to Boost My Sales?

What is a Target Market?

How Can I Have a Successful Cold Call?

What's the Top Secret to Better Sales?

How Can I Become a Better Business Owner?

How Can I Keep Up with my Sales Growth?

How Can I Organize my Customer Contacts to Increase Profit?

How Can I Show Investors How Unique my Company Is?

What Does an Angel Investor Do?

How Can I Avoid Common Pitfalls with Angel Investors?

What is Venture Capital?

How Can I Find an Investor for My Company?

How Can I Find the Right Investor for my Business?

How Can I Give a Great Presentation to Investors?

What Do Venture Capitalists Look for?

What are Alternatives to Venture Capitalists?

How Can I Apply for a Grant?

What Can the SBA Do for Me?

What Are the Risks of Being an Entrepreneur?

How Can I Start a Business with Little or No Money?

Where Can I Find Good Business Opportunities?

What is a Good, Solid Executive Investment?

How Can I Use the Internet for my Business?

How Can I Become a Travel Agent from Home?

What are Benefits of Having a Business Plan

How Can I Protect my Computer Network

What Opportunities are there in Food Business?

Should I Outsource my Human Resources?

What Makes a Bad Manager Bad?

How Can I Better Retain my Staff?

How Can I Avoid Online Business Scams?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

How Can I Start an Ebusiness?

How Can I Sell My Apparel?

What Mistakes Can I Avoid in my Retail Business?

How Can I Increase Sales?

How Can I Boost Sluggish Sales?

What Types of Automotive Business Opportunities are There?

What are Viable Education Business Opportunities?

What Opportunities are Available in the Health Industry?

What are the Benefits of Being a Consultant?

What are some Unique Service Business Ideas?

How Can I Claim My Business Mileage?

How Can I Enjoy Fine Business Travel Without the Cost?

How Can I Start a Children's Product Business?

What Specialty Products Can I Market?

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