List Building Tip: Develop your opt-in presentation strategy.

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List Building Tip: Develop your opt-in presentation strategy.

There are several things you need to do to entice the right people to join your list.

1. You need to create an free gift to offer them.

2. You need to develop a compelling way to present this gift.

3. You need to communicate the benefits of registering for the gift.

Your opt-in bonus will be an answer to your prospect's big question. You need to create eye-catching virtual packing for it and then write copy that will "sell" it.

All this will go into your landing or squeeze page where you present your offer and collect your prospects names and email addresses.

Remember, you want to entice, lure, draw in your ideal prospects. So you need to understand what they will find attractive enough to give you permission to email them. Think like a fisherman and use the right bait, so you'll have list-building success.



9/8/2010 9:44:32 AM
Billy Arcement said:

These are great ideas to build followers. Will make these modifications as website is being revised / updated in next couple of months.


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