Article Marketing Tip: Write a Compelling Resource Box

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Article Marketing Tip: Write a Compelling Resource Box

When you submit your article to article directories, you are allowed to include a special paragraph at the end of each article called a "resource box." Inside this box, you can include a link back to your website. But, if you don't present that link in a compelling way, you won't get the traffic you are looking for.

Don't make the common mistake of using the resource box for your bio. Readers don't really care who you are as much as they care what you can do for them. Tell them in the resource box!

Your resource box must grab the attention of the reader... just as the title and article did. To do this, you should make them a compelling free offer using key words that speak to why they read your article in the first place.



4/17/2010 9:19:53 PM
Rocky FW LeMar said:

Very Good Advice.


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