Personalized Email Gets Opened More Often

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Personalized Email Gets Opened More Often

It's a busy and message-crowded world. In marketing your company, you have to come up with attention-grabbing ideas that will get your target market to notice you above the fracas. Here's an idea to get you brainstorming.

Personalized Email

Just like our mailboxes, our email inboxes can get flooded with advertisements. So as a business owner, how do you get your email to be read?

If you research a small group of people that may need your services, you can send a targeted message that won’t end up in their junk boxes. It will take longer than your typical mass email, but your results are guaranteed to be much better.

Open with an introduction of you and your company, as well as what benefit you can provide that particular person. If you know something about the reader, let it show.



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