Sports Buffs Only Need Apply

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Sports Buffs Only Need Apply

If you are an athlete or sports lover and an entrepreneur, consider a sports business opportunity. Ask yourself what your passion is, and use that as a springboard for business ideas.

Depending on your interests, you could open a:

  • Martial arts school
  • Personal training facility
  • Gym
  • Sports apparel and supply store
  • Yoga class facility

You should plenty of experience in the area you want to do business. Obviously you wouldn't open a karate school if you have no experience or connections in the karate industry. But participating in or enjoying a sport isn't enough to start a business. Do research on related businesses in your community. If there are already too many gyms in your town, consider what you can provide that would be different from your competitors. Maybe you could open a gym to women or men only, and offer classes that other gyms don't have.

Franchising is always a possibility in the sports world. There are martial arts schools, sports retail stores and gyms that have franchise opportunities across the country. Some franchise fees include the cost of equipment, and may be a more affordable alternative to doing it on your own and trying to get affordable gym or sports equipment.



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