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How Can I Start a Children's Product Business?

Invent Your Way to Entrepreneurialism

Today, the term “mompreneur” is a hot keyword. There are mothers all over the place coming up with amazing children's products business ideas that are turning into full time operations!

You don't have to be a mom to get in the game. If you have an idea for a children's product, nurture your idea and see where it takes you. Some ideas for businesses include:

  • Personalized story books
  • Toys and tools that aid in potty training
  • Educational toys for all ages
  • Kids' identification kits
  • Tutoring tools

There are organizations that help entrepreneurs develop their idea or invention, and even companies that will design and manufacture the product, while giving you a royalty on all products sold. Because these companies handle the marketing to the proper channels, all you have to do is come up with a winning idea!

Like anything, coming up with a children's product requires research. You should spend plenty of time finding out if anything similar to your idea exists in the marketplace; if it does, think about how you could modify your product to offer benefits the existing products do not. Carefully lay out exactly who your target market is (boys and girls age 5 to 7? their parents?) and develop a marketing plan before you contact a company for help in getting your product to market.



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