Travel Like the Big Players

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How Can I Enjoy Fine Business Travel Without the Cost?

Travel Like the Big Players

You don't have to have a corporate travel agency to travel like a huge corporation! With a little bit of creativity and effort, your small business travel experience will feel like big-time corporate travel without the expense!
Go Online
Today, online travel brokers make airfare and hotel stays incredibly affordable. If you start planning early, you can get some amazing deals! There are websites that allow you to input a range of dates you are interested in traveling (if you have flexibility) and you can select the lowest airfare based on the different combinations of departure and return dates.

Additionally, there are sites that let you bid on how much you are willing to pay for flying or staying in a hotel. The idea is that airlines and hotels have empty seats or rooms many days of the week, and are therefore willing to take less to fill the capacity. The disadvantage of this system is that you often don't know the airline or hotel name prior to agreeing on the transaction. The advantage is that you can very often get your travel at a fraction of the original cost!

Be Loyal
Just about every hotel chain, car rental and airline has a loyalty program that allows you to redeem free flights, cars or hotel stays after so many purchases. If you are a frequent small business traveler, this can add up quick, and who doesn't love a free trip?



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