Business or Pleasure? How to Deduct Mileage for Work

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How Can I Claim My Business Mileage?

Business or Pleasure? How to Deduct Mileage for Work

Not many people like tax time, and entrepreneurs are no different. But many don't know the simple tips that can lower the amount of taxes they pay.

Take your business vehicle for instance. Oh, you don't have one? You use your personal vehicle to drive hundreds of miles and you're not deducting the mileage on your taxes?? You are wasting money!

You can claim all mileage that pertains to work for your business on your taxes. The current standard mileage rate is $.485 per mile (in early 2007), which can add up fast if you travel frequently.

Some of the trips you can claim for business travel include:

  • Visits to client offices
  • Travel to meetings, workshops or conferences
  • Travel to stores for work related purchases
  • Out of town travel (if you are in your own vehicle, not a rental)
The purpose of the deduction is to cover the cost of maintaining your car and gasoline. If you drive thousands of miles a year for business, it will cost you more to maintain the car with oil changes, maintenance visits and parts repair.

By claiming your mileage on your taxes, you can reduce your taxable income and pay less (or receive more) in taxes!



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