A Dime a Dozen or One in a Million?

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What are some Unique Service Business Ideas?

A Dime a Dozen or One in a Million?

When thinking about your next entrepreneurial endeavor and service business opportunity, think outside of the proverbial box. Nothing's new anymore. Why do the same thing everyone else does if, with a little extra mental effort, you can come up with a one-of-a-kind business idea?

Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • ATMs. ATM service franchises are sprouting up all over. Rather than be the one that sells, rents, and delivers ATMS, why not start a business of ATM repair and maintenance? You can work with the ATM service companies who have better things to do with their money and employees than go on service calls.
  • Technology. Since technology is so hot right now, you have Internet service providers vying for your tech dollar, and competition means the profit margin is low. What about targeting those people who are uncomfortable and unfamiliar with the Internet and computer technology and offering personal training and education? Think Geek Squad meets your 8th grade science teacher.
  • Copy and Printing. Local printers are fighting with the impossibly low online printers to get customers. Your parallel business could be a delivery service for local printers. Customers may prefer to work with local printers if free and prompt shipping was included (and the printer pays you for this service).



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