Car Lovers Only Need Apply

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What Types of Automotive Business Opportunities are There?

Car Lovers Only Need Apply

For entrepreneurs who love automobiles, there are numerous automotive business opportunity options available. Depending on the amount of financial capital you have to invest and your specific interests and experiences, you could consider starting the following types of businesses:

  • Detail Shop. Car care is a big industry, and one that will continue to grow as the number of cars on the road increases. A variation of the typical detail shop you could look at is a portable detail shop that goes to the customer to provide detail work.
  • Leather Repair/Refinish Shop. For drivers who own older vintage cars, the leather often needs repair. The competition for this kind of business is relatively low in any given area.
  • Spray On Truck Bedliner Service. There are a few franchise companies that offer the latest technology in creating bedliners in truck beds, and it's a lucrative opportunity if you live in an area with many truck owners.
  • Car Repair Shop. Every driver has to have his car maintained or repaired several times a year. If you have experience as a mechanic, you could open your own business or consider buying a well-known franchise branded store.
  • Tool Reseller. Mechanics need specific tools to work, and only a few companies carry the quality that most mechanics require. There are franchise opportunities with some of the top tool producers in the world.



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