Training Is The Key To Increased Sales

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How Can I Increase Sales?

Training Is The Key To Increased Sales

Your staff of salespeople is crucial to help you grow your business, but if they are not properly trained, you will not increase your sales. Make sure your sales staff thoroughly understands your selling procedures:

Go Back to School
Without attending Your Product 101, how can your sales force educate potential customers on the products you sell? Dedicate several weeks on a new hire, and at least a day or two annually for every sales employee, training your staff on your products, their features, and how they can benefit your customers.

Also be sure to train them in how to sell effectively. Provide training manuals they can refer to whenever they need, and recommend a book on selling each month.

Asking the Right Questions
Is your sales staff asking potential customers the right questions? Not if they get “no” for the answer. Simply asking if someone is interested in your product isn't going to make a sale. Instead, teach your staff to ask questions about the problems a potential client has that your product can fulfill. For instance, “are you currently spending more than you would like on printing services?”

Once you get several “yes” answers, you can start plugging in the benefits your products provide.

What's the Objective?
Your sales force should have an objective with each call they make, whether that's getting an appointment or closing the sale. Require them to identify and type out this objective prior to each sales call they make.

Get a Commitment
Your sales staff should ask for a commitment from each person who shows interest in your product. Simply waiting for the potential customer to get back to them will never result in sales.



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