Stepping Into The Apparel World

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How Can I Sell My Apparel?

Stepping Into The Apparel World

For entrepreneurs who have designs for t-shirts, jeans, dresses or shoes, starting an apparel store is not the only apparel business opportunity available. Chances are you don't have the capital to start a retail store initially, and there are better ways to test the waters with your products.

  1. Produce your product in bulk. You can't sell your product if you don't have samples available. Do your research to find a manufacturer (China has very affordable options, but get samples to check the quality) that provides good work at a price you can afford.
  2. Create a brand identity. Decide what your clothing label stands for, what its personality is. Create a media kit that tells your company's compelling story to present to investors.
  3. Hit the streets. The only way your designs will get into stores is if you take them there. Focus on specialty boutiques in your genre. Ask for the owner or manager and present a few samples of your line. Offering the products on consignment is a good way to get your foot in the door initially.
  4. Attend fashion shows. If you live in a bigger city, there are usually fashion shows at colleges and local venues. Get involved in these to get an audience for your designs.
  5. Sponsor events. If your clothing line targets hip hop fans, for instance, you can sponsor local hip hop shows to directly reach your audience. Get your clothing on performers so that whenever they sing, rap or act in your clothing, people will see it and seek it out for themselves.
  6. Giveaways. You will need to give away many pieces of apparel to generate a buzz among your audience. Consider designing a cheaper version of your clothing as a giveaway to save money.



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