What You Need to Know About E-Business

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How Can I Start an Ebusiness?

What You Need to Know About E-Business

So you want to know how to start an e-business. Just like any kind of business, it takes careful planning and organization, whether it's a retail space, news site, music service, or blog. Do You Have a Website?
If not, you will need one. Don't be cheap and design it yourself. Hire a professional designer that knows what kind of designs draw big crowds. A good designer should also be able to provide smart web copy, Search Engine Optimization, and merchant services (if you need them).

If you have a retail space online or want your customers to be able to pay online (increases the likelihood they will buy something from you), consider providing merchant services on your site. This allows a customer to shop, place items in a virtual shopping cart, and pay by credit card on your site easily.

Where Will You Find Your Customers?
Every type of e-business has a different set of customers. If you're an online store selling shoes, you can market your website to any shoe lover in the world. If your website is a supplement to your local consulting business, you might do best to advertise on local websites.

Google AdWords is a great resource to promote your business, no matter where your customers are. There are tutorials available on Google that can guide you to creating the most effective ad.

How Often Can You Update Your Site?
A website is only as relevant as long as it is updated frequently. If the last update was 3 years ago, you lose credibility and traffic. Make a plan to update the content, products, etc. at least once a month. This also increases your ability to stay high in search engine results, as the spiders that crawl the Internet look for fresh content.



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