How To Be A Bad Manager

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What Makes a Bad Manager Bad?

How To Be A Bad Manager

You're an entrepreneur. You are very close to your business. You may even consider it your “baby.” But you're also a manager of employees. Some might say never the twain shall meet because many entrepreneurs are too involved in the company to effectively manage others.

For any company, big business and small business alike, there are bad managers. Take these tips to heart to avoid becoming one yourself.

  1. Mistakes are unforgiven. Never let a mistake go by without reproval. Nothing less than perfect should be accepted at your business. Of course, you may have no employees by the end of the year if those are your standards!
  2. Employees are robots, not people. Who can be bogged down with details like employees' names? You have a company to run! Employees are there to work, not to socialize, so there's no need for you to ask about their kids or spouses on a regular basis.
  3. Be inaccessible. Your employees know you are a leader, and that you belong at the top of the tower, looking down on your realm. Why walk around to see how employees are doing? That's what junior managers are for! You are far too busy signing paperwork to get involved in the daily tasks of your company.
  4. Don't listen; talk. You got to be the manager/owner of this company by talking, not listening. When your employees get to be managers, they can talk too. For now, it's your turn.
  5. Never be wrong. There are no mistakes at your company (see #1), and you are no exception. If there is even the possibility you may have done something incorrectly, blame an employee.



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