The Perfect Match: Finding Your Ideal Investor

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How Can I Find the Right Investor for my Business?

The Perfect Match: Finding Your Ideal Investor

Just like finding a romantic mate, searching for the perfect investor for your business can be difficult. Just because an investor is willing to give you money doesn't make him the right investor for your business. You want an individual that can contribute something to your company, such as expertise or knowledge of your industry. You may also not want to give away too much control of your company in exchange for funding, so you will have quite a quest to find an investor who meets all of your criteria!

That ideal investor could be thousands of miles away from your office, or just around the corner. Take your time to find the right investor, as it is a committed relationship.

Timeframe: Finding the right investor for your company takes time, and it won't happen overnight, so be forewarned. Depending on how much time you can dedicate to finding an investor, it could take years to find one that will align with your business' needs.

Don't rush it. This is an important relationship, and may last anywhere from three years to the life of your business, so it is necessary to research all you can to find the investor that will best suit your company's needs.

Personal Qualities: Investors are people, and people have quirky personalities. As this is a professional relationship, do your best to overlook any personality traits that just annoy you in an investor, but if you have serious issue with how the individual acts (is unprofessional or quick to anger), use these as red flags to tell you that this may not be someone you want to build a relationship with. Keep looking until you find someone you click with.



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