How To Meet Your Investor

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How Can I Find an Investor for My Company?

How To Meet Your Investor

If you're new to the investing game, you probably don't know any investors that might be interested in funding your company's growth. How can you meet them? Here are a few places to look.

  • Networking. The best way to meet someone professionally is through networking. Because networking is about building relationships, you will find investors open to talking to you about your business. Give interested individuals the overview of what you're looking for at a networking event, then follow up with a formal presentation later.
  • Word of Mouth. Although you may not know any investors, your colleagues may. Ask around to see if anyone can give you a referral. This beats cold calling an investor who doesn't know you at all. Arrange a lunch meeting with your mutual contact and the investor to ease into the relationship.
  • Online. Today, there are online communities of investors that provide blogs and resources for small business owners looking for funding. You can even apply for financing without ever meeting your investors (although the amounts aren't as high as you would get in a face-to-face meeting).
  • Email/Phone. It's not the best way, but if all other methods fail you, send a formal email to an investor you have researched, stating that you are interested in meeting him to discuss your business' growth, if he is interested. If he's not (could be currently tied up in other projects), you can mark that one off your list and keep looking.



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