Maximize Profits By Knowing Who Your Customers Are

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How Can I Organize my Customer Contacts to Increase Profit?

Maximize Profits By Knowing Who Your Customers Are

Every person you meet is a potential client. By properly organizing your contacts and keeping them up to date, you will increase the likelihood of closing a sale!

Assessing Your Database
Assuming you have a digital database (in Outlook, Access or other database management program), take a look at how it is organized. Are your contacts lumped into one pile, or are they separated out according to category or needs?

By organizing your contacts, you can target them based on certain characteristics. For instance, you could classify by:

  • Business or Consumer
  • Current client , past client or potential client
  • Specific needs (if you're a realtor, sort by Commercial, Residential or Both)
  • Income level
  • Geographic location
Separating out your contacts into groups helps you better understand the niche market each fits into. When you want to send out an email announcement or direct mail targeted at commercial real estate buyers, you won't send a blanket email to all your contacts, regardless of whether they're interested in commercial real estate or not. No one likes to get mail that is obviously targeted toward someone else.
The purpose of mail and email is to make the reader feel like you completely understand exactly what it is they need. This is easy to do if you organize your contact list! People who feel you take their specific needs into consideration are more likely to buy from you!



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