Getting Out Of A Sales Slump

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What Are Some Ideas to Boost My Sales?

Getting Out Of A Sales Slump

Suffering from stagnant sales? Don't despair! Take note on these tips and you'll be back up to soaring sales numbers!

Advertise More. Even if you think you can't afford to advertise because your numbers are down, a slow period is the perfect time to advertise in magazines, publications and online to get your numbers up.

Get Press. If you have something newsworthy, get it in a press release and send it to the media. If you can get some exposure in newspapers and online, you can generate interest and sales.

Network. Join a networking group or three in your community to build relationships with potential clients.

Look at Pricing. Maybe your sales are down because your prices don't reflect supply and demand. Consider cutting prices or offering promotional pricing.

Check with Your Customer. See if there's something you're not seeing from your side of the equation. Your customer may tell you your competitor is offering an unbelievable deal, and you'll need to act on it by offering your own promotion.

Get New and Improved. Take this time to make your product better able to compete in a saturated market. See if you can cut costs or offer better service or technology, and once your new and improved product hits the shelves, sales will boost instantly!



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